Jan. 28, 2020

Becoming a Make-Up Artist with Celia Evans

Becoming a Make-Up Artist with Celia Evans

Series 1 - Episode 3. Cherrie manicures and chats to Make-Up Artist, Celia Evans. Celia talks about the importance of assisting, finding your own style and choosing the right agent for you. She takes us on her journey through the many avenues of make-up artistry and explains how and why she chose to be the freelance artist she is today. This is an absolute must-listen for any creative!

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spk_0:   0:00
I would love

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to have the gorgeous pink shimmery colour I am going Tio Morocco. This way.

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the manicure table. Created conversations with many Cherries. Every episode I am about my fashion friends and creative colleagues. To get there now is done with me and talk candidly about how and where the incredible journeys began. This episode is sponsored by my favourite healthy now care bio sculpture 100% vegan on cruelty free. For more information, visit the new pc dot co dot UK In this episode, I'm Annika and chat to my maker parties friend Celia Evans. Ceiling talks about the importance of assistant finding your own style and choosing the right agent for you. She takes us on her journey through the many avenues of makeup artistry and explains how and why she chose to be the freelance artist cheese. Today This is an absolute must. Listen for any creative. It's the amazing Celia. Evan. We haven't seen each other for quite a long time. I know things have changed since the last time. Yes. And can you tell me a bit about your childhood? Yeah, your background vessel. Yeah. So I'm actually

spk_1:   1:36
from Suffolk, a really small town and suffered. Called

spk_0:   1:39
Hadley Many. Yeah. Hadley. Did you? Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, I am. I

spk_1:   1:47
remember. Yeah, it was It was pretty back beyond. But I remember typing in on my dad's laptop to get the bus timetable up, and it would come he had to choose off Hadley in Suffolk or hardly in Essex.

spk_0:   1:59
So, you know, I know exists. It is America.

spk_1:   2:04
Really? Yes. So the bus timetable was free. What, like one or two day sort of vibes? Like it was that back and beyond. But yeah, I I grew up in the countryside, so if the first and he was about 12 I lived in a teeny, teeny tiny village which had didn't even have a shop. And then we move to slightly bigger. It was classed as a town, but like a large village on DH. Yes, I lived there until I was 19 and then I moved to London. It was it

spk_0:   2:50
was the way it was. Yeah, it was always

spk_1:   2:52
that it was always the plan to be a makeup artist, but I mean, yeah, because it was such a tiny place that I'm from Didn't really know

spk_0:   3:03
when you got to London, it must have been like,

spk_1:   3:05
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yeah, yeah, Totally. I mean, when I when I was like, 16 I went I mean, I never I never really enjoyed school. I was never particularly academic. And and I always said so my mom and dad I'm going to do I kind of thought I wanted to see beauty therapy maybe like his away in that, you know, I told them I wanted to see that my mom and dad kind of right now I should do a levels. And I gave that ago quite halfheartedly. And I think I got kicked out set form, and it just it wasn't from a So I went to college, Did beauty therapy. I remember we had this really, like, tragic make up, teach our who showed us like a classic stage makeup, like a blue eye shadow, all of that sort of thing, like a last pan stick. So foundation. And even then I was like, I could do better than her. You couldn't really do make up in issue and that she wanted to dio maybe bridle Well, that kind of thing in Suffolk, you know? So, yeah, I must My older sister. Right, Joe? I was at uni in London, and she was like, Why don't you?

spk_0:   4:27
I was actually in the

spk_1:   4:28
back of a magazine. I saw an ad for a makeup school I think was called grease paint. Yeah. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, my God, I'm I'm going to go to grease paint and

spk_0:   4:41
trying. Yeah, Yeah, I remember seeing. Yeah. And I told

spk_1:   4:45
I told my dad's and he was like, Okay, if that's what you want today, Um

spk_0:   4:51
And how about me?

spk_1:   4:52
I must have been when I saw decided on the other thing was that 16?

spk_0:   4:57
You really knew what you wanted to take White? Yeah. Yeah. Is what? It's funny, actually, because as a person, I don't think I stick to anything. And it's pretty much

spk_1:   5:05
the only thing in my life that I had a stock too. So I moved to London. I stepped to my sister's safe off when she was at a day and there was all my God, it was awful. I mean, I'm grateful because, you know, I didn't have to pay any rent or anything, but it was like, huh? It wasn't a student holds it was have fast, kind of house that she had after that. So that was like, six of them living in there. And all the boys would like smoke weed in the living room. And I was sleeping on the safer, so I just like it was like, you know, they didn't have, like, a lecture the next day, so they'd stay up playing like skateboards games till, like, four in the morning. Not just be chilling on the safer, like right, and even it

spk_0:   5:51
and head

spk_1:   5:51
out. Going to be able to get my head down, going to bed The

spk_0:   5:55
things you're doing younger I

spk_1:   5:58
know. And they're being like fried chicken in the living room. Or such on the Cypher by all the gods. But I was like, You know, I'm here. I've made it. This is it. I think you know this is going to move to London and start using my speech therapy qualification that started, you know, waxing people's legs or something. But I didn't quite work out like that. Andi. I ended up getting a job as a waitress. So that was I mean, I didn't go to uni. So I guess that they were like my union years in a way. And I made a lot of really good friends doing that.

spk_0:   6:32
But I feel like that must have inspired in some way. Yeah, I mean, it was It was all

spk_1:   6:40
with the end goal to make enough money to do this course, but at the at, at the top. You know, the first course I saw was one in the back of a magazine, but I can't have a little look. And then I decided on doing one on DH London College of Fashion. Like a short course yet. So it was Carmen in the name of it, Like the complete fashion make up course or something that covers everything. Yeah, right. That was amazing. So Okay. I mean, I saved up his much as I could, but my mom put most of it on her credit cards. Lesser. She was like, You know, if this is what you want today, let's do it. Yeah, for two sisters have been always it's older sister and a younger sister.

spk_0:   7:32
So you're in the middle yet?

spk_1:   7:33
Middle child, I don't feel like the middle child. I feel like I feel like it's to big ones. And then one night, once his mouth is so much younger than us, she's, um seven Tane. So 11 years young May

spk_0:   7:48
one of my brothers is 11 years young. May Yeah, and then the youngest ones. 14 years. Oh, no. Why, yes, There's quite a big chap, but really closing this?

spk_1:   7:59
Yeah, totally. But mother, he's got down syndrome, so she's like

spk_0:   8:04
a baby forever. I am. I Do You remember now, seeing her one?

spk_1:   8:09
Yeah. And so you have got Martha on DH. Rachel, my older sister. Rachel and I work together sometimes. So

spk_0:   8:18
what was she that? So she she used

spk_1:   8:21
to be working out. So she sweet bookings Director l. And she wants unethical to now. So we sometimes she pretty busy nowadays, So she kind of common set and see if everything's all right and then go off and do, like, she's quite a lot of time doing, like, 10 shoots at the same time. So

spk_0:   8:43
it's nice working with your family. So my 20 start, she, um, manages my teams at Fashion Week. Only way s so good. But this name we do some sets me, but I um Yeah, it's just It's just really nice. Yeah,

spk_1:   9:01
well, it's just makes it, Yeah, Someone's like, speaking your language.

spk_0:   9:07
How did once you've done your qualifications, yes. How did you get into fashioned? So, I mean, the listeners wanting to get into passion.

spk_1:   9:17
Yeah. So, I mean, I did the short course. LCF and I had a really amazing teacher who really inspired Mace, and she works in the industry. Still good. Krista Barrel Riley on DH. I I absolutely loved going to her classes, and she just like new hasher and was really on it. And it just you just kind of felt, you know, sometimes if you if you were in school, we go, you go. You doing a course away about you kind of feel like, Yeah, but do you really Do you really, like shoot? Do you? Are you really in the industry? Yeah, she really wass And it kind of made it felt like this could actually happen. So

spk_0:   10:05
I guess she really knowledgeable? Yeah, really

spk_1:   10:08
knowledgeable. Just went with that little bit extra and she

spk_0:   10:11
had experience. She had

spk_1:   10:13
experience, and she really knew what she was talking about. Like her references were on point. She just she you know, the people that she was shooting working with was like our She really knows what she's talking about. And and it wasn't sort of like she She didn't feel like she was a college teacher, you know? Yeah, I guess that she noticed that I was really into it because she asked me to assist her a few times on. That was the first time that I'd ever seen on set. So the

spk_0:   10:42
first, the first time I assisted

spk_1:   10:44
her, that was a sheet of ice. And I was so nervous s, um it was

spk_0:   10:52
something, really, to your first she experience? Yeah. Yeah, the

spk_1:   10:56
first time that I've ever been on sat. First time I sort of knew how anything works. First time I'd ever set up a makeup kit, and I remember putting all she had her, like, parts of whatever, like byline or cream called bases or anything like that. And I was putting them on the wrong way up. So you couldn't really see what was in

spk_0:   11:18
them. Yeah, And she was like, turning. I turned in the

spk_1:   11:21
mall. Eva also like, you know, there's just moments where you just like

spk_0:   11:26
I don't got housekeeping in May, and they just

spk_1:   11:29
think like gotta my Nydia. Like you'd have to be a makeup artist to work out. You can't see what's in that, but you get nervous, and you

spk_0:   11:36
just should have been there. But this is why you have Teo assessed. Oh, my God. You're Teo. Get that kind of things that you don't really think about. Totally. Yeah, because it's like, assumes

spk_1:   11:47
you're on set. If make what if your assistant and make part's not right. If you could just prep this model skin,

spk_0:   11:55
you know

spk_1:   11:56
how to do that. You have probably done some sort of training. You probably put moisturiser on yourself before, but suddenly you're like, Oh, my God. I'm not qualified to put moisturiser on

spk_0:   12:05
someone's face like Is there a special colour? Yeah, movement technique. Yeah, exactly.

spk_1:   12:11
And you just get in your own head butt,

spk_0:   12:14
you know? So I assisted a few

spk_1:   12:16
people. So Krista about was probably the first person and then assisted Nicky where? Yes, I know. Nikki was amazing. Gave me loads of advice. Totally different type of make martyrs to Krista about as well. So That was really good, Teo. So see how she worked?

spk_0:   12:36
Yeah, it's very I would say it is kind of essential to assist more than one person. Definitely is. Everybody has a different way of doing things, and you just kind of have to find your own way off working well, yes,

spk_1:   12:51
absolutely. It's just, you know, seeing how different make water set their kids up different. Kitt, favour, You need work. If you worked with the same person you know for years and years, he's tend to think, Oh, no. This is the only way to perhaps get this is the only way to do amazing skin. This is this is the only product that I should be using. You kind of pick different things from different people.

spk_0:   13:21
Yes, So it's on me. And

spk_1:   13:22
then you learn that when you when you use different formats yourself and if you actually don't like how they're working when you're using them, that's OK as well, because you see the different different people have so many different techniques, and maybe you don't like any of them. You just work your own thing out as well. Yeah, which is fine,

spk_0:   13:42
but it's good to find out. Yeah, exactly. So how did you get to assist people? Did you contact them?

spk_1:   13:49
My sister was working out. She was working at Portis at the time. It was all right. What What do I do? How do we start assisting? Like properly? She was like, right. You need to contact all the agencies. They for all the artists that you like. And, you know, I just send them, send them your burke on DH. Just let them know. You know, I'm really keen and assisting your artists laugh. And also, I don't really have don't have much of that book at the moment, so yeah. Yeah. So So then it's like about contacting, You know, young photographers, emerging stylist. And she too, Ted, doing those attacks, shoots and getting a bit of a portfolio together

spk_0:   14:38
and just meeting people connecting with. Yeah, exactly. Not just make parties. Yeah, Chocolate is assistant Leo. Insane biology.

spk_1:   14:48
Exactly. You know, people everyone's looking to do. So I'm saying everyone wants Teo so off build their book up together So most most of the time. If you contacted me, but same levels, you they'll be really up for it. Yeah, It's just timing, you know, because most people have another job going on, and, you know, it's expensive to live here. So it's like people quite often have, like, one or two little side jobs as well, then it it kind of

spk_0:   15:20
Did you have a side? Yeah, I was working it back. Yeah, quite cool, because then you he's kind of in line. Yeah. Yeah,

spk_1:   15:28
exactly. So I was working it, Mac, which is great, you know, to build up your kit. And and it's It's like your side hustle kind of turns in. So,

spk_0:   15:41
yeah, I think a lot of makeup artists work on Countess. Yeah, I'm back on Hong Kong Counter. Okay. Yeah,

spk_1:   15:48
I did, Mark. And in a mask. 00 yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like it starts off the main thing, and then you drop. You tend to drop your days down as much as you can, and then eventually, he could make the transition. Yeah, it was I mean, I'm working it back maybe a couple of years. And then, um why? I think I think my sister told me to go and say Cassandra from CLM. Yeah. So I went in to say huh? And I had a conversation with her about assisting and showed in my work on it was such an intense experience. Kind of going from whacking it. Mac in Bromley Teo bit feeling like, oh, God, being asked a 1,000,000 questions and I'm so grain like, I don't really know what I'm talking about here. I just want to gain some more experience.

spk_0:   16:55
Yeah. What kind of question does she think she was asking

spk_1:   16:59
me like Well, like how How I saw my style and I hadn't really fountains. I found my style on asking me like, exhibitions I've bean see lately like, if I was into our Luckily, I've been too unlike that week because I was like, Oh, my God, I didn't Except to say that

spk_0:   17:21
that was his faith. Yeah, I

spk_1:   17:23
know. And I was like, I went to the sex like techno exhibition and she was like, All right, OK. And but yes, she said that Andrew Ghannam was looking for fast assistant and I had seen his work for us, obviously for is amazing. But I was like, Well, that'd be great, but I'm going tio Mexico with my boyfriend, so I mean, we were going to go for, like, six months or something. And she was right. Okay. Anyway, I ended up going for a month because I've really wanted to come back in a cyst on J. And it seems I came back. It was, like, straight in his first assistant, and I was still with him, so she kind of showed me the ropes, but it was way more intense, done Anything I've ever worked on before. It was, like, really big sex and working with big photographers. Love's a physicist. Yeah, it was. It was kind of like it wasn't is casual. And experience has what I have been used to hear. It didn't feel like you're working with a mate, and you're just like helping out. It was like, This is a job.

spk_0:   18:39
Think so? Did you get away? No, it was

spk_1:   18:43
It was kind of start standard. How is with assistant? And you get, like, 1 50 a day for means so safe. You doing like a commercial job? You get 1 50 If it's an editorial, you get

spk_0:   18:57
nothing. Yeah, they get nothing. Yeah. Yeah, Finger. I think I maybe get

spk_1:   19:04
like, 50 quid or something, but I remember some Sometimes if we did like a like I remember we did collections show for Hunger magazine, which was, like, four days of something because it was like a collection shoot, and then a beauty shoot. And then he gave me, like, 100 quid for that because I think he's all modern. You've been working hard, so that was times like that. You get a little bit extra anyway, but generally you get 1 50 or nothing. Yeah. So it was pretty hard.

spk_0:   19:41
It is kind of like your training isn't exactly

spk_1:   19:45
it's you. What you're getting is the experience that you get invaluable experience. Yeah, so you have to say, is that, um, you know, it's like paying for these skills, you know,

spk_0:   20:00
pay him for the cause, but it's actually much better than, of course, because you Oh, yeah, you're living it, you know? Oh, yeah. I was experiencing exactly what Yeah,

spk_1:   20:11
And that's what I'd say with, you know, people that wanted to get Teo and make up. It's two. D'oh, I for me Personally, I don't regret not doing a degree and make up because I definitely low on the job. Then you have the most on the job. 100%?

spk_0:   20:37
Yeah, I mean, for something like makeup on. I think it is essential to go such a practise for any kind of creative thing. And I think any university necessarily like I do feel like it's better to just get out there, find your style, that kind of thing. Yeah, And that's the thing about what I love about you is that you work. He's very different from Angie's

spk_1:   21:05
Oh my God, so different

spk_0:   21:06
And I've seen so many assistance that I've gone on Teo kind of you can say, Hey, let's say

spk_1:   21:15
who they were Sisters.

spk_0:   21:16
Yeah, yeah, where's you? You've gone completely the other way. So how how long did you assist? I only assisted on

spk_1:   21:25
Drew for a year. Yeah, which really isn't in the grand scheme of things compared to a lot of other people, it's not very long, really

spk_0:   21:34
know. But I thought I think with may I love this kind of so, so, so

spk_1:   21:40
nice and yeah, with may. I think I've always I've always made me feel like I've always made quite it's off brave decisions because I could have I could have definitely stayed with Andrew. What? I just felt like the right time to go. And actually, I didn't leave him. Tio, go off on my own and be freelance. I actually left him to go to a sauce on Guy just worked in the US or studios for I

spk_0:   22:16
think it

spk_1:   22:16
was four months in the end. Yeah, but it just I

spk_0:   22:19
just felt like because I myself there, obviously shooting all the time, So yeah, I'm not. I was a source, and I was, So I was working in the

spk_1:   22:28
studios. AHS maker parties on then I s O. They have kind of different teams on DH. They have look creative, creative team upstairs who do stuff like social media on that kind of staff. So I did a bit of that as well. Where did some really comfortable creative makeup and then just in the e com studios. And that really was to make some money? Because I was I was just ready to have a little bit of stability and have a little bit of money in my pocket. Yeah, that felt like the thing I needed to do at the time. And you weren't 95 you can shoot on the weekends to build a book. Art. So I've made I've made

spk_0:   23:15
so many your pack. Yeah.

spk_1:   23:17
So, um, you can use the studios or whatever if you want to win the weekend, which is great. But I've made so many contacts and friends. Three working with Andrew where he went to his ranking so much. I made friends with a lot of rankings assistance and we test together all the time and then submit things. And that was really nice. And I kind of built my look up that way. So slowly but surely pay Andi after four months at a source which on the side of this sheeting and a little bit for Elle magazine source in front of Burke. Smaller shoes.

spk_0:   24:02
Listen, is what What does it mean by front bit

spk_1:   24:05
So front of Burke's kind? It's not like the main fashion storey, so it's kind of I do like an accessory shoots in Elle magazine. It's not like the main kind of which

spk_0:   24:18
is, um yeah, it's

spk_1:   24:22
not like a maybe t Storey remained Fashion Storey, so it's like the makeups not there. Focus, focus. Maybe. Yeah, but still you get to work with great photographers that way. Um and yeah, I still had a few of my own clients as well was still a sauce, but I was I didn't feel ready to pay out there on my own quite yet, So it was still comfortable for many, um, and then not like quite a brand new one for May, Nicky. Where got in touch with May, who had assisted years years ago. And we remained really good friends. She got in touch with me and said and really random. But would you be interested in being and like, a trainer at nor Mercy A. And I was like, Oh, I hadn't really, ever thought doing anything like that before that Yeah, I know. So I went in for an interview. Um, and it was a wacko call. Who was He used to be a trainer. It Mac on DH, um, Caroline, who also used to be a back years ago and on they interviewed Mei, and I'll be totally honest. I have no idea what they're talking about because I really didn't understand what the job wass The job title was national makeup artist for your mercy, and I was like, What the hell does that maid? I really didn't understand it until maybe the second interview, and I was like, Okay, it's like a trainer. Like what? We used to have a map.

spk_0:   26:10
Yeah, like I used to have long calm.

spk_1:   26:12
Yeah, so you kind of go go to the stores and make sure everyone's getting on. Oh,

spk_0:   26:17
yeah, yeah. You're trying or the consultant? Yes, it's that

spk_1:   26:21
kind of thing. But again, it was quite It's quite a money driven decision, like, really different for many. So I worked there for just under a year. Great experience. They really invest IDs in us a lot. You know, they gave us that media training and things like that, which I never as a makeup artist. Frida. You know, freelancer, you never really get that kind of those kind of perks of the job, you know, like having a company investing in you and things like that. So that

spk_0:   27:00
that was it was good. It was good

spk_1:   27:02
to do all of these different kind of explore these different avenues. And but by this point, I was a bit tired of working a big company. And then only then I was kind of I felt ready to be freelance on my own. Yeah, I'd be like 100 7 freelance. So, yeah, I was that your best for as trainer? Probably just under a year. Um, and that it was great way had lets off. Like it was different world from eggs. We had, like, a global conference, and I had to go and had, you know, had these, like, files. I had to know the ingredients in products and stuff like that

spk_0:   27:47
when I was a consultant. Yeah, we really looked up. Today's Yeah, I make up. People came into China. They were like, Super Stiles, right? We're not. I

spk_1:   27:58
did when I said that. I must be honest. I don't think it's like that saying General.

spk_0:   28:02
Okay. Yeah, I am. I didn't get

spk_1:   28:05
that vibe when I went into Selfridges, and everyone is in there a little bit more like are here. Is this for No, It is funny, though, isn't it? Because the department stores of dying, So Yeah, I kind of like how to look around me and thought I don't know if this is going anywhere for May, and I don't know if I am that jazz hands girl that's going to cut. And I'll tell you something I found the hardest, which you have you must be prepared for if you weren't working position like that. You have to go in, look in polished and you have to be wearing all black. And that's black shoes as well. So you can't be wearing like no Sparrow trials is looking us like cash T shirt and look, a chunky trainer. Oh, no. I got told off, wearing short sleeves and Harrods on. I was like, I'm 27 years old, like, one minute. And it's 30 degrees when we get more troops. Now, do you know, I mean,

spk_0:   29:08
I used to have to wear tights. Oh, glory here. Like, and he was doing time at a time. And you gotta wear like, hi. Hello. Hello? Oh, my God. And it's like, do people actually know that this is still a thing? I was in pain. Yeah, my fate in tights. Sweating. Yeah. You know, with these tales are so uncomfortable. Andi, I'm not sort of

spk_1:   29:34
being like watching the clock for her break and all of that stuff it just as much as I waas a much higher level. It just took me back to those days at Mac. They're being on count our room. That's something. But, um, it it took. I spent a lot time big. So being desperate, Teo have a monthly wage and have stability. And it took having a couple of years in those roles to realise it's not what I wanted. Yeah, and it's like, No, I'm out of getting checked every 30 for the month is going to make you feel satisfied.

spk_0:   30:19
Yeah. I mean, despite, like No, no, when you get paid, is small price to pay. Oh,

spk_1:   30:27
yeah. We're so lucky with We really are so lucky. So yeah, it wasn't It wasn't really. Until then, there I decided to properly go on my own. Yeah. So that wars

spk_0:   30:42
are you are you still were assisting? No, After Andrew, I didn't assist. Why? So I left

spk_1:   30:50
Andre and I went Teo I sauce

spk_0:   30:54
OK. And after that, I didn't assist. I say So you kind of came out of the fashion industry for a bit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn't even notice. Yeah, that you've got a way has gone back. Hey, blinked. You got here so then I was always so I mean, I had to tell you

spk_1:   31:17
still in because I still did help. Yeah, and I still had a few other clients, but, I mean, I didn't have anyone booking me for anything. I didn't have an agent or anything. I was totally on my mother. I really had a full time job. So it was like, Oh, can I have this day off to do the show? Which I'll be I'll be fair, Enormous. They were great with as long as I credit lured Massey A they were like, Yeah, great, that's fine. Um, but, you know, it got to what? I felt like I was getting not something normal day Mohr people knocking on the door. And I was like, actually, maybe I could make this work. Yeah. So it was January last year, and I thought, Fuck it, I'm just going to do it going freelance. And I spoke to a few friends who were It's sort of like recently ish my decision and they were like, You just do it on and then it works if it just falls into place.

spk_0:   32:14
Yeah, it has Teo. It

spk_1:   32:15
has Teo and you just go go up there and you know, every job you do, you meet someone and that it's just kind of snakes its way.

spk_0:   32:23
Kind of kind of Naples. Yeah, exactly. On. It's almost like you've told the universe. Yeah, that your value Because they were viewed it inside in a while. Yeah, he said, Yeah.

spk_1:   32:36
So, um, January that wass? Yeah, January last year. And then I was just working more mohr. And then it was June, Um, a couple off agency's going touch. You may like to come in for a chat, and also, I

spk_0:   32:56
say, Yeah. So

spk_1:   32:58
it was the 1st 1 was the only agency? Yeah, so, yeah, it was a new London office for them. So they're just just started the London office. A friend of mine, Ellie, had just been signed by them, so I think she recommended May. To them, This is I think I've done the make up in one of the sheets. It's in her book. You didn't make up. We're looking science and makeup artist. So I had a chart with rebate from the only agency. Absolutely loved her. We really go on. And I thought it was quite a red carpet. And I didn't feel

spk_0:   33:38
that was what I wanted to say. Yeah, we're even. I didn't feel maybe right at that moment that that was what my strength laws do You get off money from doing what? I mean, I'm just lunging because I don't know much about Yeah, I think I think I think you do. But I think you have to be a

spk_1:   33:58
level that I wasn't really. I I was I was really in a place where I felt like I could make a lot of money from doing that.

spk_0:   34:06
Do you enjoy doing separate, ese? Yeah. Yeah, I do.

spk_1:   34:09
I do. I am. I like doing quite classic makeup. Sometimes bread carpet does call for

spk_0:   34:19
Yeah. I would definitely say that you're style is very beautiful. Were was what I love about something

spk_1:   34:26
that's going to do like a smudgy spot, lipstick on the teeth, smear anything like that. I do not doing really be to make up.

spk_0:   34:35
Yeah, that's my things out. Like, yeah, it could be a bit quirky and a bit weird, but still has to be beat.

spk_1:   34:41
Yeah. Yeah, that's it. That's it. So I think maybe that's why I was someone that the only agency looked for

spk_0:   34:50
you. But I I think the main

spk_1:   34:53
reason I didn't know them is because I also met with one represents on. I just felt like in in the meeting they saw came with, like, a print out with took First they wanted me to work with

spk_0:   35:09
cases like those. The plan? Yeah, they had, like, a plan

spk_1:   35:12
for me. And I was like, I was like, Oh, my God, I hadn't even

spk_0:   35:17
It was like That was a strong one step ahead of you. Exactly. And it was strange too b to have I'd never

spk_1:   35:26
saw being spiking two about where someone saw my career. Gummy. Yeah, I had it Hadn't really, ever bean considered by anyone s. So it was quite strange

spk_0:   35:38
that had you considered

spk_1:   35:41
me freelance for a few months, So I was kind of bumbling along, to be honest. I mean, I know what I knew I enjoyed doing

spk_0:   35:50
Yeah, I had in any found in style. Yeah, I thought I saw the level

spk_1:   35:57
that I was out and I thought, OK, this year, I really want d'oh like a main fashion storey. That's like a gulf may I really want. Do you like a campaign rather than, you know, I just wanted Teo elevate myself a little bit more. I hadn't. I hadn't thought of a pathway for myself yet. Maybe. Yeah, so that was really cool. Tio have someone So I would really like to go down this road. So that was what Sof

spk_0:   36:30
And did you like that? Yeah. It was like, I think I think here in

spk_1:   36:36
what someone else thought. Like, my style of makeup was quite interesting on DH. I mean, fast forwards with the mumps. Now, January.

spk_0:   36:47
I think it's quite nice when someone actually takes an interest in your work. Yeah, um, and that must be really appealing. Yeah, definitely.

spk_1:   36:58
And I mean off. I've had a meeting at the beginning of this year with my agent just to sort of see how things have been going. And

spk_0:   37:09
that's a star for six months. Yeah. How did you feel when you, like, made the agreement was so happy.

spk_1:   37:17
I'm so happy. I was sort of I feel like at first when I feel like when you have agent concept, you if you're so new like I wass you have like, imposters enjoying a little bit. And you are? It takes a minute for you to be like, Okay, I know you need to think about this and where they're going to take you. And my sister was such a great contact for May because it's kind of what she does. She books like hair and makeup artist. So she she was like, I think this would be the right decision out of the tow. This would be the right decision for you.

spk_0:   38:00
So she kind of gave the kind of confirmation that you're thinking on the right yet the kind of the same reasons

spk_1:   38:07
as May, because they seemed like they were coming with the plan a little bit more. Yeah, And they seemed today a little bit more established. The only agency were quite new. And then they wanted to be, you know, that they were fake fur. May that I felt that they were quite red carpet. Yeah, on DH for me, Like the war group is has this off monopoly on bridge carpet. Okay, so I felt like how's that gonna, um I'm gonna be like a small fish.

spk_0:   38:43
Yeah. It wasn't in a

spk_1:   38:44
small agency. Has huge Poland. You know, Sigh for maybe one represents has better contact. Maybe. Let's give it a go on DH. So it's kind of I mean, it's not been there very long. So it's It's difficult. Teo, no. Have control over your calendar. Yes, so off. And if it's difficult,

spk_0:   39:11
I mean, it just it is

spk_1:   39:12
difficult to get used to

spk_0:   39:13
it. There is prizing that all Price and Collins? Yeah, the shore. But I do think it's really important to be suited to the right agency. You think it makes a massive difference? Yep. Mai, I have been an agency. I decided I wanted to be a lying again on DH. Do you

spk_1:   39:37
feel like it was a right decision?

spk_0:   39:38
Yeah, absolutely. But it was the wrong decision to go with the fast pace because, you know, I did get some did gain some experience. Um, the Alcide I've had a couple of agencies contact me, and I applied too kind, but yeah, because now I feel not really know what I want Yet on DH. If it's not the right thing, then I draw the despair. I and I think it's You have to really think about it. I can't get too excited about something. Your assignment type thing? Yeah. I mean, I space in the beginning, so just find out what it's like to be an emergency. Yeah, yeah. No, I didn't

spk_1:   40:20
feel like I was at a point where I wanted Teo stay on my own. So I didn't feel like it would be beneficial to

spk_0:   40:31
stay to, say, thinking Teo to

spk_1:   40:34
stay on my own. I thought this would be a good opportunity for me and I kind of at that time it's like my contacts and my contacts, and I'm not going to grow that much more on my own. I

spk_0:   40:46
didn't know it's time to go to Yes, step. Yeah.

spk_1:   40:50
Yeah, exactly. And but yeah, we had a meeting at the beginning of this month, and it was just quite interesting. Teo again have a kind of round up of the past six months and then talk about war clients had been asking for, from from what they've seen off my burke when I'm suggested, they quite like seeing this type of thing. And Noah's. Much of that type of thing is quite interesting. They have an inside, but what I got get from it is that you always need to have. And I didn't see. Yeah, there's no good being like Jack. Jack Hamann trades at because they always pick out one thing, whether it be that well, that it's always one thing

spk_0:   41:41
that's so interesting and true. Yeah. Good of you to say yes. I do feel like people will say to me, Do you do this? Energy are proud. And you know, you just now? Yeah. On DH also, don't do critics. You're all about healthy now. Yeah, on DH on if someone Teo. Yeah, I'm not saying that critics about it, but I just prefer to have that more kind of ico vibe. Yeah. Learned, huh? Yeah. And a more kind of natural look. Yeah, definitely. I know. I

spk_1:   42:17
think you Maybe maybe we'll miss out on that one client. You also

spk_0:   42:23
listen to me what you can do in, you know, someone wants, like, a big star. Beyonce wants that. Yeah, the credits on that. Okay. Yes. You can get something that she you know she won't shoot. She

spk_1:   42:35
won't look you but someone else will. You know, like this that once that. But yeah, that was really interesting. Take that away from the meeting on DH. It kind of is makes you

spk_0:   42:51
because when you when you're

spk_1:   42:53
freelance in you, you're you know, you get optioned for a lot of things on

spk_0:   42:59
DH, for the lesson is an option is

spk_1:   43:02
yes. Oh, so you can have, like, a You could be on option for something. Which means you could be in the running for something

spk_0:   43:11
for a job, for address, Chin, for sure. Yeah. And then we have to wait for the confirmation. Yeah, sometimes you don't always get your information released. Yeah, So I see you could be

spk_1:   43:24
on option for something, and you get your hopes up, and then you don't

spk_0:   43:27
get it. The thing the way I see it is if I don't get something, I'm really called by all the gods magic felt. Yeah, until that into. I

spk_1:   43:36
see it's confirmed. I'm like, you know, whatever universe and the yeah, they saw some. Sometimes you Khun, say, for maids with being being so new with an agent, you look at your calendar in your life. While this looks amazing, I've got all these options and then maybe hardly ine. If them come through Yeah, and it was quite interesting to have a meeting that said, the people have been asking for this and this and this nest, and then you can kind of piece together. Maybe. Why you've been You might have missed out on the option to someone who has mohr off this in their book. More of this in the book. And if you

spk_0:   44:22
create a brand Yeah, I know. Exactly. In

spk_1:   44:26
Instagram makes the world go around after all.

spk_0:   44:28
Yeah, So it if you

spk_1:   44:32
create a brand and an identity as an artist, then you couldn't pay a little bit more confident for which kind of jobs you should go for which college, If you can get it for

spk_0:   44:44
that. Also, the kind of jobs that you want to do it will come to you. Yeah, I think because if you set that kind of, um if you like. Yeah, well, you know, um and then that's what's gonna come to you. You will always be doing what you enjoy. Yeah, absolutely. And I do.

spk_1:   45:06
I feel like I do. I do. Do I enjoy? Yeah, I think we saw. Okay. Okay. Like I'm off working with Retain that I know, I really get on with it. You know, there's only someone you've worked too before. You really like

spk_0:   45:23
it. So I am. I got any mouse and yeah, we need really no claws for this. Amazing. Because I can't make what Maxine Wass I should know. But there's an amazing ship Were amazing. Really up the kind of mica parties. Yeah, on DH, I actually declined because I just thought That doesn't say my big you had I don't want to break up this issue. I don't know if it's the right or the wrong wrong thing today, but I just I have to be true to my to my heart myself. Yeah, and my style. And even though I absolutely respected the mag parties and you know, I think she's great and but this style wasn't in a line to know my style, Wass and I just felt that's not gonna be You have to have

spk_1:   46:19
integrity. Teo, you were in style. There's no good having this one. Amazing shoe. That's, like, totally no kidding.

spk_0:   46:32
Yeah, Yeah, I I'm

spk_1:   46:33
not good. What good is that going to do? Yeah, feel good.

spk_0:   46:37
But that being said, I do think that if you are, it is right. Yes, yes, everything. Until you find what you're really into. Yeah, and I think

spk_1:   46:48
this even some. Absolutely. She Cem shoots that I've done and I've just been, like, what was going on there? You still get something out? Yeah, you did. You know, I mean, even if it's that you make a friend.

spk_0:   47:03
Yeah, Make contact.

spk_1:   47:05
You make a contact use east east. So you should say yes to everything when you're starting out, I think. And I think that's a advised everyone in the industry which giff two new peoples starting out whether they would be pass on this manicurist.

spk_0:   47:23
So do you have a new assistant? I have

spk_1:   47:26
sort of a few people that assist May. And my voice recent on DH assistant is doing really well. She's doing quite a few of a rain bits, But

spk_0:   47:38
anyone listening that would want to assist J. Yeah, What should they did? Oh, my God. You're gonna get wise. That so I keep listening. Yeah. Contact my agent. Yeah, that's a good idea. One represent? Yeah,

spk_1:   47:54
my agent oxide about one represents on DH. Yeah, I guess. Maybe instagram.

spk_0:   48:02
Yeah. Where can they followed you

spk_1:   48:04
find against the ground. So I did. For fr my instagram with Seeley say they always

spk_0:   48:10
ways and then trying to change. Yeah, because people kept being like I can't imagine it's to ground. So just changes nothing. Don't bit of advice I don't have despite your name. Yeah, because you have to be able to be found yet. I mean,

spk_1:   48:30
it's true if someone's trying to tag you on something, and

spk_0:   48:35
unless you're already known for something else and yeah, yeah, stick. It

spk_1:   48:40
was I was telling people on set with CDC, and they'd be like, What? C s s i o and yeah, if you don't mind me. So it's just Celia Evans makeup? Yeah. To the point. Yes. Quite know.

spk_0:   48:56
E Yeah. It's just that seeing

spk_1:   49:01
you Evans makeup? Yes. Instagram mail. Yeah, I am. It was It was great to have new assistance because our assistants always and

spk_0:   49:12
we've all

spk_1:   49:13
made phone and yeah, and I don't know, I don't use assistance A ll the time. So it's where it's like a real tree. When I have this instead, Teo

spk_0:   49:25
and you'll be nice and I'm

spk_1:   49:27
really nice. Very Yeah, I'm not very good at being. I try. I try and pass on little tips and yeah, but I know I'm not good at being like a boss.

spk_0:   49:42
Yeah, I'm I'm toiling. Yeah.

spk_1:   49:46
If someone wants to wash my brushes, I'm

spk_0:   49:49
Oh, no, do it. You even

spk_1:   49:51
know that used to be like my main job. Is this? Yeah. No, it's always It's always such a treat. Having assisted. Just have someone like your little mate. And it's good for people, Teo, you know, it's an opportunity to be on, like, a biggest set and like, a bigger job. Yeah, And see, how is this different kind of Attica at different levels, I think on how Teo Bay, And it's like a nice safety net. But to kind of get into the industry,

spk_0:   50:24
I just just kind of writing up there. I just wantto say congratulations. Thank you. Mean with child? Yeah. Best child. Yeah. So that's amazing. Well, yeah. How are you going, Teo, for anyone else that might be in the same situation. How are we gonna juggle? That was your gardener's question I made. I've only just

spk_1:   50:51
broke the news to my agent, and they're really excited. So that was good. There was a part of me this that was like, Oh, my God. Are they just gonna be like you're on your own, bitch? E You know, they really happy day on DH. Yeah. My agent's on was so old. Do you know do you want to have any time off for I don't know how how other people work it really?

spk_0:   51:18
That this body remains? Yeah, he can kind of I mean, I've never not had a pay because my daughter's much Yeah. Converse. No. Done this freelance thing with the judge. Really nice. But I don't imagine it's so I do my plan. This is my plan. Work as much as I can. Yeah,

spk_1:   51:41
well, start pregnant on DH. Yes. Don't today my boyfriend textbook it downstairs to me, even if I have really any cool time. Hey, and I get stuff not takes the textbook it downstairs to May. So yeah, no heavy lifting works much as I can until I feel off a card.

spk_0:   52:04
Yeah, just play basically on DH. Then I saw I think

spk_1:   52:10
you know, it's not like I'm going back to work. It's 95. I can take or leave things I guess I'm kind of planning. Teo, take take maybe a day here and there and see how it goes. And no, not so kind of Go back to work. If you know, I may

spk_0:   52:30
just ease yourself in

spk_1:   52:32
on my mom doesn't live that far away. So we're thinking my mom could just drive up. Yeah, like, chill with the baby because she saw outside. It's you actually love it.

spk_0:   52:47
I think I think my son really was amazing. You got the skin time that suits every stop your best

spk_1:   52:58
manicurist in the

spk_0:   52:59
world. Thanks so much, Celia. That was really great. You can follow Celia on Instagram at Syria. Evans make up and you can contact her by her agency at one represent. It's all in the show tonight. If you enjoyed listening to the manicure table, created conversations with me cherry snow and you want to hear from more creative than subscribe to the podcast and follow us on instagram at the manicure table. If you have any feedback or you just want to get in touch, you can contact me either on Instagram at Cherry Snow. Or you can email manicure at cherry snow dot com. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for listening.