Feb. 4, 2020

Working as a Fashion Stylist with Victoria Young

Working as a Fashion Stylist with Victoria Young

Series 1 - Episode 4. Cherrie manicures and chats to Fashion Stylist and childhood friend, Victoria Young. Victoria has styled some of the biggest names in fashion from Bella Hadid to the iconic Grace Jones. She tells us how she started out at Dazed & Confused and The Face before becoming Fashion Director at POP and LOVE magazine. Victoria talks about everything from dealing with divas, to the expectation of a good assistant. And at the heart of the fashion world, dressing top supermodels while being dressed by Donatella Versace, Victoria admits that being one of the 'cool kids' did change her.


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uh, can I get bright red? And can you make sure they're round? Please?

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the manicure tables Created Conversations with Me carries a knife. Every episode I invite my fashion friends and creative colleagues to get their nails done with me and talk candidly about how and where their incredible journey began. This episode is first by my favourite healthy now care bio sculpture, 100% vegan on cruelty free. For more information, visit the new pc dot co dot UK. In this episode, I'm Medicare and chaps. A fashion stylist. One of my childhood friends, Victoria Young, as former fashion director at Pop and Love magazine, Victoria has style some of the biggest names in fashion. From Bella Hadid to the iconic Grace Jones. We discussed everything from dealing with divas to the expectation of a good assistant and at the heart of the fashion world. Victoria admits that being one of the cool kids changed her for a short moment. It's very vibrant. Victoria Young obviously, we do know each other from a

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very, very long I think we've known each other since, well, since I was allowed to leave the house without was a bit more of a light for about 13 that. Yeah, well, you're a year older than May, so I was probably like oil. Sorry to keep liking, which is really in yourself, and it's much easier to say something. Yeah, and we all used to go down the seafront a lot. And I was really interested in fashion, and I was a bit off a geek. I know everyone says that about themselves, but I wass and then I saw started reading fashion magazines. It's sort of, like clicked inside me. I was like, Right, this is what I'm going to do. But also because I knew what I was gonna D'oh. I just jacked everything else. Really? Yeah. You see, I didn't know that you wanted to do fashion. Yeah, I mean, I don't know. I don't remember when I came down. See you front with Thanks. You know, they said she called your hair is fine things. I kept them in my haircut and sprayed had something, right? So I just said that was your look. That's what I want. It was a Sunday. That is hilarious, you know, But yeah, I would say you had a quirky start. Yea, um, in a vertical way because you know that everyone over go, they just want to kind of blend together each other. But you weren't like that. I really wanted to be like that. I just didn't know how I know. But he had your own style, remember? I was quite not really knowing. I didn't really know that I wass but like I would always go to the Army Navy game. There's more jackets and Parker's and stuff like that. Yeah, I love that show. Yeah, get stuff like that and sort of like a monkey boots. And then I didn't do very well at school. It's really no boys don't. I didn't do very well at school. I went into the six former, kept retaking my Jesuses and realised that I really so on academic and so bored. So I had to go and get a job. And I worked in the theatre like a local theatre and then in the box office. Yeah, just with women who were really lovely. But they were all, like, 70 years old. So then I moved in without friends. Our mutual friend treaty. Yeah, who had known since school. She's another stylist. Yeah. Then she was living. She was south in college because I had no. Jesus is they wouldn't let me in. So I had to wait till I was 21 to do an access course. Which is, of course, that they make people do that on the dole and car. Get jobs. Yeah, even I was doing a cash in hand bar job. It was really and I never went to that either, for that was bored. There was lots of, like, painting wine bottles with people that knew how to tattoo their faces. But then I knew that if I could get into the foundation cause and knew that I'd be good and then I could go to university because I had moved in with Trudy and all her friends, and they're all going for interviews at ST Martins and sorry institute. Now it's like it's like killing me inside. I was like, I should be doing this by didn't really grow up with a vision that you would do anything other than I thought I'd be probably the assistant manager Miss Selfridge or something. And so then I went to you. I got into the good cause I did that for a year. I was brilliant at it and I knew it would be. And that's really feisty and was put about four years older than everyone else that I've been to New York on New Cindy Sherman Wass I had a bit more experience, a bit of knowledge. Yeah, I just knew what the face Woz and I knew that I was gonna go and work there. And that was all done. Yeah, and and then it would be so. Then I went to university. Yeah, and it was going to the Syrians to chew on DH, which was really, really good at the time, with long reflect people like Blue Day. And who else was artist? Lives of people. And we and I worked really hard and I got the first even though they take their some really conservative teachers. They didn't really like me because I just dio video installations they wanted me to do drawing. But I do it all on video and film. And then it went. Then when I was there, I went to work for a TV show like like a training Suzanna. But more of its day. And then I used to do pop videos. Sometimes being them sometimes style them and then, which is quite a lot. But I just make myself do it. I was like, I have to get out there and do it And I was working in Selfridges at the time of the weekend, which was quite funk she could see, like Joan Collins and Andrew Ridgeley was quite exciting. And then I left university and I went and worked. I'm still working in the shop a bit because it was a bit all right, This is it. This is a bit intimidating. And then when we worked, worked a dazed and confused just just like working. So how did you How did you kind of did you apply for that or No, that was really long, Complicated Storey. I was doing a guy at the time who was working for one of the stylist. Could Nazi Rhoda, whose incredible I won't have about five years. She had friends there and she was having a baby. And she said that I could work with her. She was like, But in the meantime, I'm going to be help you get in there, right? Where do you want to go and help me get in there? I love I didn't last very long. There wasn't. I couldn't deal with it. They were just really, really cool. And I was just like something from pet shops. Funhouse e like I'm just not calling. There's no point trying. I don't believe that for a second. And then I was I was working with night scene. We did all the drinks are on notice and shows and all of that she would like she was constantly work, and then she was doing a trial for the face, so I'd sort of like to string out. She was doing a shoot. I'd let you sit in the face office for about three weeks, just using their facilities, stealing the headed paper. I still have it. Were they just being like the Senate, remember? Yeah. You have got the place. Did nice things like that. And I was just like this. Brilliant. I love this magazine. This is kind of get this this everyone's, like, bright and fun and like, in your face. And then that was kind of it. Really. And then obviously, like I didn't work with Katie then. I didn't like because I was working with Nancy, and I still kept myself quite to myself. But for the listening, that's Katie Grand grand Yet Storey. And then I saw it somehow got myself into was doing so. If hanging around face in love would have the same publisher at the time, and I was hanging around a bit, and then she just one day asked me to come and be the fashion it tough after. I mean, this is really summarising up quite quickly. Yeah, and then that was that. I mean, I had to go to New York to go to the shows That's go to Milan. I had one pair of jeans from So would you say that was your kind of learning your craft? Yeah, Yeah, it's a real There's a really strong aesthetic. You know, you kind of know if you want to go and work somewhere anywhere, you kind of know what aesthetic you're gonna fit in with and what you're going to feel comfortable with. Yeah, that was really the thing that I understood. It was like bright and there was lots of makeup and we found being silly. Laugh? Yeah. Yeah. Then I had to go and do the shows. And what? You have one nice blouse from top shop, a Burberry Mac that I brought in a second hand shop and a pair of jeans from here half because that was it. And I'd go to Milan, Paris, New Yorker with one outfit, work, outfit e just just Just hell out. What? And then I didn't have any idea that. Did you wear it in different way? You know, I just I just I had no, I just women would get which get blow dies every morning at six. AM I go to the gym. It just didn't I didn't No, I didn't know that that existed. And soon as I did, that was really intimidating. So then you liked catapulted into this life this life style. You and I came back and Katie was like, What's happened? Because I'd left news that come back, Just come back. Just do a month. And I came back and I was like, Right, Fuck you own it. And I was like, I can't I've got a letter from Donatella Versace. Aren't you saying how much she liked me and address. She let me in. She dressed me for every occasion. I've got, like, really, really owned it. I was really arrogant for a long time. So I can say, Did that change you as a person? Yeah, I think it did. I can see it now. Right? When someone's having everyone consider everyone has their moment. Yeah. Gifts. You really, really like. You're just about young enough. You just about thin enough. And everyone's like walking credible. And you're like, Yeah, kinda. And you spend all We can't hang out with people that you work with other fashion people. Yeah. And you like. And you can see it in that bubble. Yeah, it's No, it's it's fun. But when people do it now, you know they haven't a moment. I'll be fine. Just leave them. You know, people just let just let it ride out, and then let's let them enjoy it. So, what advice would you give Tio? Anyone? So, in that situation, or do they do you think they just have to hope to find out? And brace Brace is no bad thing. I mean, you can go out. I was just like I can't do this forever. This isn't really me. Yeah, like deep down inside. You know, that is not gonna laugh. I'm a bit too normal to be doing this. And the thing was, I was very normal. And it was, you know, people quite liked me, but it's not actually no ruthless enough to keep doing this. I'm no, like, Yeah, I can do this. It's ruthless. You have to, you know, have I? Yes. I really want to see my mom this weekend. I can't go to, like, showed its house.

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Your street is Yeah, agency.

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When did you join? Street isn't. How did that come on? Join Street is cause I'd work. Nancy. So on DH, I knew Beverly Street. Her Andi, I knew I was coming to the end of May be working for about four times the fashion director. Yeah, I just I just couldn't I just kind of couldn't do anymore, was too much. And then I saw just said to Beverly I was like, Look, I've got some jobs coming in. They're freelance, and I just I'm used to doing on myself, but I just I want to talk to people about money. I just have no idea how eager works. Yeah, I think there's a struggle that a lot of people have. And she just said, Come in. And then she took She was like, Fine, we're done. You know, she's I didn't We didn't even need to have this meeting. Yeah, it was nice. It was. I mean, that s Oh, when was that? That was about 89 years ago. No. Nine. Okay, how about nine? 10 years ago, then? Probably. So. Because street, it is considered a top agency. What? What was it like then? Was it Khun still considered? Yes, yes. Huge huge agency. It was good, but there wasn't such a huge emphasis on the big agents at that time. OK? Oh, maybe I didn't know there was. Maybe I was completely naive to it. So you didn't think. All right, this is it now? No, because I got you Can't like you make your work. Yeah, of course like that. I think that is the the perception that everybody thinks once you get signed that you've made it. I've seen, but you still have to grow, you know? Yeah, it's such a I mean, the big American agents are due to take on quite a lot of people. And those people do get they go straight to the top because people will be like, Oh, yeah, they must be great. And you're just like all right, OK, yeah. So you said that you were at last. Did he You at Pappas? Well, yeah. Was it poppers? Well, yet, But then we went to Conde Nast and Katie. Self love. I mean, yeah, we've Nicholas Coleridge. Whose CB there Right in the beginning. Yeah, I was there. I mean, I chose where with desks should go and sort of put chairs. We're gonna happen. Yeah. I mean, we went to the offices together. Well, so you were really wearable. Air conditioning units are useful.

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What do you would you really like doing in terms of fashion

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sheets? Do you like the celebrities? More night? I'm not that person. And I fail every time. You're quite stressed. I feel quite stressed. I'm not famous people in terms of its just. It's just to be around them. It's This is a very intimidating I know. It's a different atmosphere. It say I'm like, Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. You know, and it was just like you should just know That doesn't look good. Let's not do that. Yeah, I'm quite scared of them. But I mean, lately and I turned to like a 15 year old girl from Essex. It just like that, you know, But also are, Yeah, just like home. God, what celebrities have you really enjoyed working with? Other than the fact that you are, like, a bit nervous? Um, I I have probably had two experiences. Mr. Liberties, When I haven't come out buzzing, I think they're all pretty great. Oh, that's good. Yeah. So you live in London now with your fiancee? Yeah. Live in mile and we just bought place. No hospital. Mental institution is that big, then wave. Actually, they built some new bills were actually a new build. So it is big. Yeah, because it's no, because it's really beautiful. Or buildings that hasn't they have a good idea? Why don't you be haunted or something? I think everyone is, But you know when you like. Okay, I'm always going through. Could get this What? I'm working today. Yeah, okay. I'm just gonna get it. What does your fiance, Dave, He is fashioned senior fashion editor i D magazine. But we didn't really meet through fashion fashion, But we did it through people that I know through fashion, which is what most friends already What it says, Yeah. Small, Yeah, under strain, Doing it for about 25 years, sometimes route for the same stuff. And then what happens when he gets in? I would like to be really, like, prickly about it. And I'm like, All right. Okay. I really don't care. As long as one of us gets Can you remember your first share or your first, Like, really big shoot? I think the first really like Big Shoot that I did. And it was way worse. We were at love. I think it was the first issue. And we did this shoot with solver. And it was just super model off the supermodel after Super model. They're upstairs getting her hair makeup done on DH. They wouldn't shoot with lots of models at once, don't you? Yeah, and it was three days on DH. I mean, yes, super intimidating, but I was so focused on it being great, it was just like it was just like I didn't care like it wasn't intimidating like he was in front of me because she didn't have time to. I thought I was pretty focused. Now we'll just see you like this, and you're gonna have to do it like this, and you're gonna have to wear this, and then we're gonna be done. Yeah. So it was good, you know, literally went home, like in the evening. I think we didn't get home till about three in the morning. And I slept or free in the afternoon when I wake up Enough. So puzzling was so happy I done that, Did that even. And then when Then when the images come out, it's just like the best. And then I think we just before that we've done or after that car, remember, we're done Grace Giants, and she turned up about 10 hours. I and I was so scared, Could she here because of her reputation on I'd sent her some images of the stuff that I wonder just where, And it was really old designed for the thirties. And she'd be like, I can't even believe you disrespect me enough to send me stuff like that. So you see, I was like, Great, This is gonna go so well for someone who's super shy, Super gets super intimidated on DH. She was amazing. She want to come out with us after e. I think I might turn around so I could take it to the pub like the gay pub around the corner. And I didn't take her bean legend. Have you ever thought, um, good thoughts about someone, But then they kind of disappointed you. They're like, Oh, yeah, of course. You sort of think someone's that way. Then you realise it's maybe just a deception of how but listen moulded Yeah, because all right, I can remember, like, doing now to somebody, and I thought, Oh, they're from Essex. We're gonna have this kind of bond, and it's going to be really easy speaking. And it's like there's no responded. What's the weather? You know, like I think I think also, there's a thing off which happens a lot. Now it's about you get them when they're really young, and they are great. And then once they've been media trained, you right, right. I content like we all know how this is going to go. So we're going to go. Well, we're not going to be like writing each other letters. Is that Has there ever been a shape where it's just bean such a disaster? Yeah. I mean, I guess you have to be careful. I mean, what do you do in that situation? You just think there's people dying in the world absolutely, like, just pull my socks up and just get off it. Yeah, is we're not When I'm on a shoot and it's, like a little bit tricky a waiver. I just think it's just die. Just get three days. Yeah, and then we don't have to worry about anymore. There's a book that we've got proper job. So it's like and it is really just But I think people there is a thing like, you know, sometimes sometimes people love to be very stressing and making everyone released dressy. I've seen I can see I'm looking for from an outsider's point of view, you're getting the worst out of people today. You're getting the worst work. People are feeling bad about themselves. They're not happy. And you're getting there was work because I don't want to do what they good doing. Yeah, so it's just, but it still looks like it will. I quite I think, for a certain, you know, like maybe an art director or something to be the one that's making everyone scared. I've been in a situation like that where someone's just like causing drama just for the sake of it or whatever on DH on DH. Actually, it turned out that because I didn't let myself worry about it so much, and I just got on me there and I quietly and I stayed. Calm is the main thing. I think that is what I would advise to stay calm, don't rise to it or her. It actually worked in my favour because it just makes me look. But I don't think that's what you if anyone's in that situation where you know someone's being quite difficult. What is the way you deal with thing? And I think never complain, Never explain. It's like someone is telling you that you've done something wrong. Then you've gotta let them have that because all they wanted to basically some kind of it's like, You know what? Yeah, Just Yeah, I'm sorry. Yeah, You know, you probably know that you didn't do it or it wasn't your fault or somebody. You know, You're just taking the blame for someone. So just because it really pacified people. Yeah, yeah. No, I'm sorry about that. But that was a mistake, and I might just let him have it. E let him have it. Let's have it on. You see, about to get an apology. Yeah, it'll be the corners. Personal set. Yeah. And then those like you again needed Teo Converse asked for. Asked for some clothes. So if you don't let Tutorial had to go for a fax with headed letter just getting it. Tio Benny, What might slide in a bit so somewhat on then? Yeah, there was some overlap, maybe one computer hanging around between 20 people. And I was going to school before there was no red school. There wasn't computers. There was a thing like a calculator. And then yeah, then you could I mean, I'm still it was computers. And then there was the internet, and then that completely changed it. I mean, you'd go on an appointment to Paris, and you go out like all the Parisian designers and collect your clothes and take them back Andi This even. Maybe I think the euro star, I think. I mean, I think there was a lot flying to Paris as well. I mean, it was really It's just such a different world. Yeah, I guess. What? I'm trying to go. I mean, how do you feel about Instagram? Because you don't place that much, dear? No. Do storeys. You think? Yeah. I mean, I think it's incredible. Think it's amazing what people are doing. It should be encouraged. Yeah, and because it's there and it's gonna happen and you can't let sit around moaning about it. It's like it's there. And I think as people that it's not more than yours. I think we should sort of like Except, you know, if we don't understand something I don't know, I don't like, just try and understand it and try and understand, understand and accept that it's not really a part of us. It's like no in our. So it's fine not to understand it. Yeah, but it's a positive thing. You just look at it in a in a Porsche. I'm so tired of shapes up, stood around and everyone's like, I mean, who is she? She's got two million followers. Too many informers. How did you get? Two minutes, But I don't know. It's just, like just accepted. That's just what happens here is like it's okay. Don't all stand around there like God, Bloody hell as a stylist, do you have a lot off say, if you're doing a shoot, you have a lot of say on who to having your tame its wholly dependent on what you're doing. And everything is so different. I think you've probably got me on a few things. Yeah. Yeah, thanks. I mean, those things that I've got you sometimes that I don't get it because I put it in. Yeah, but if I hear a little chatter on are trying, trying infiltrate slightly with my people. But if someone recommend someone to you and you look at their instagram and you're not, what do you look at them? Instagram? Yeah, Yeah, on DH. How do you I mean, honestly, how do you judge someone by that? Yeah, I mean, then you're probably gonna know what they've worked with or who they worked with, and then you're gonna be so you're gonna be able to gauge a bit. Yeah, Um, but you can't. I mean, it's like trick is quite tricky question. You know, like photographers and stuff. It's completely different. You generally want are for May. Want to be working with people that I like good, decent people. Yeah, that aren't going to dio that old school throwing everything around the room. Do you ever worry when you have a bit of a quiet spell? It's really It's actually a real head. I can't say the F word is, you know, it's personal, kind of his personal. If people, you know, you had it quite for a while, then, you know, used the car using someone else. You don't take it personally or because it is quite personal. It's about you. It's not like this. It's like the service you bring. But that's all integrated with you. It's not like, you know, it's not like I hire vans out. People were fan, didn't work. It's like it's personal. Yeah, you know, he's like, you're not cool enough right now, Andi. Then you know, I worked. I worked really, really hard for, like, 20 years. And you know, I didn't go to friend's weddings. I didn't you know. So I don't have hoppy so so much as a such So when you use that word a lot, yeah, When you're not working, you like, I have to just have no idea what to do with myself. How would you kind of put yourself out there again on I think I think you just have to stop going out to stop from saying, Hey, I'm still here. You know that? That that works. I feel like every time I go to something, Yeah, some separate naked here. It worked on match day for May. If I post on instagram, kind of it's the same thing. It pops off a little reminder that yeah. Oh, yeah. Let's have Terry on the ship away. The united percent quite likes to your job. Which is why I loved nails d d Euro. Now, no. Used to you still be obsessive, but I think it's quite calming. I would say is no disrespect to you, but you don't get the brunt of it. Yeah. No, that's absolutely true. Yeah. Do you still get nervous doing? She's Yeah. Yeah, a lot. I feel really not as nervous as I did days to be so nervous like, couldn't speak people couldn't. Couldn't plan anything past it. Because I may have done what I thought was gonna happen. E. I mean, like, decomp. I still thought you were a different environment than I do now. Yeah. Do you still get nervous? Especially if it's editorial big clients on. Especially if it's editorial. Yeah, really? Because the pressure's on. I thought you were going to say, like for like, your usual client, big clients, big clients for sure, Because I just think I have to be quiet. I can't. But an editorial, You know, you sort of just doing stuff you're trying stuff out, you're just like, yeah, this might work and then something might not want to do it. It's just like I But then what? That's when you can really stop. Put your foot down because that's your thing, then, yeah, if somebody's that night, we were not doing that. You're like, Oh, my God, I'm going to scream it like, yeah, and I get panics right now. That is what we do. And you are actually like, really in charge of the kind of shame if someone's listening and wanting to get into fashion, would you take someone on that? Never had any experience. Or would you prefer someone? What? It's tough, but obviously, I completely understand that you've got to have get some experience. So I'm going to say from the way, that perspective, if you have no experience, you could be on expect to be paid when you don't know what Your day. Yeah, absolutely. In its top. Yeah, like we know we never If some dude, if somebody wants to have experience with me, I can pay that travelling much because I'm also having to pay to you assistance who know what they're doing, You know, really, when you're not giving me anything positive, I'm also willing to teach you. And actually that because I was just saying I'm Please don't turn up 11 o'clock with trains. What working? That's getting on heads, get the early late trunks could afford. And I've got no money. And I got cut up or your oyster is like, That's not my problem, mate. I mean, yeah, I totally understand how that was, but I wasn't like that. Just go and get an evening job. Yeah, You've got to like you take control my parents. It was you responsibility of yourself on DH? Make no excuses. Um, so would you say like the best thing to do is to contact your agency. And yet the I didn't see yeah, the agents a good they will they do put up. They'll push around the email, especially if you send an email with the stylist name in. They send it on, they keep them. And even if you send in a agent an email 2010 of them. But with the talents email I'm name and then they'll send it you. Then, yeah, it does work. Can you explain a little bit about what? An assistant? What's expected of an assistant assistant's job is really quite tough. Love. There's a lot of moving stuff around. There's love being there much earlier than like, you know, I get there a bit later. Generally, because you have to set up, you have to be like you just have to be a positive energy to be around. And it's funny people, some people who could be great on paper, but they're just, you know it is tough, but sometimes you have to let you know how tough it is for them because I'm like, what? It's tough for you, but I'm the one that's gonna get, you know, Yeah, like, really, I'm not I'm not the project manager here. I'm actually he had to physically do stuff. I'm not here to just make sure everybody's doing what I say. It's that stuff as long put, like a good, you know, common sense, common sense and good. I think that's really good advice that you're saying that you have to be positive because I feel like when you got that positive energy and energy, then and you're nice to be around your good Tio, no one wants to be around someone. That's like negative. Yeah, yeah, you know, So that's definitely good. Sort of have respect in the way you look because it is fashion industries that people will, you know, they will if you like you. And after they opened down. And if you look good than like well done, you you already up on points there anyway and just, you know, and it is simple and shallow is that you know, just like you know, there will be a buffet there, But maybe don't go yourself two portions before everyone else just you really In? It's called common sense. Yeah, there's an Attica. That's just common sense. Just common sense. Just don't sit and talk about your life really loudly. You know, we might say, Just don't you think you've got to read the situation, You and just just act accordingly? No, your boundaries on that kind of. And now I've got a funny storey about yourself or your friends and your parents laugh about isn't maybe as funny might not be the centre of the world, just like you. I think that's why I've done quite well in that sense, because I'm so quiet. I don't say things I shouldn't and stuff like that, because sometimes it's best to be quiet. Okay, B positive and, you know, have a good energy and not be too shy, That kind of know. How should it just be like, Yeah, just know when you you But you can read a situation. You know? No. Sometimes when there's a group of people wanna be entertained. Yeah, fine. I'll do that. Yeah, it's fun. Fun?

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Yeah, I think it was also quite good things to talk about how you

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can manage people's expectations and Sometimes people think I don't know. Sometimes you go to a client and you just expected to do your job. And then sometimes there's machine. Now you expect to do so much and you sort of feel like you let them down if you haven't moved. Boarded up 55 mood boards on your own time. Yeah, and it's like I don't know how what is expected of me. I'll do my best something. It's just like, you know, sometimes I turned up on my printer in my kitchen. People, Oh my God, you've got a printer and I'm like it Doesn't everyone have a printer? And sometimes it would be like with I mean, I don't like that prince. However, you got another video Good enough. I want to know just a little bit what's expected of me. But also that's part impossible. Being self employed, yes, on working with the same people sometimes is great because it is good. You know what? Your foetid, Because it's quite mia. It's quite if you walk in, you know, get off the train in Paris and you walk into a show. Everyone speaks French. Do you speak French? No. Okay, I mean, no e. No conversation about being on academic and not even enough to get the foundation caused us what you want. Yeah, so, no, maybe you didn't. Yeah, but that then likewise. It's also good. Teo work with new teams, isn't it? Because yeah, because then you'll love this person. This is a great Yeah. So I didn't Yeah. It takes you out of your comfort zone. Obey. Exactly. And I do quite I'd like that. So if anyone wants Teo, maybe get some experience with you, they contextual agent, contact my agent, or you can speak, please. Yeah, I would e mail me. I'd send me direct message on instagram, which is Victoria Young. Underscore. And then I will send you my email and then just email me direct or street is not bad. We'll put the engine right. Yeah. Any any of those? You're just so following e Oh, my nails look great, by the way. Oh, yeah? How do you have? You, like, never got off them.

spk_1:   33:24
Thanks again, Victoria. That was so much fun. I like we said, if you want to get in contact with Victoria, you can call her agent at Streeters or D M her on instagram at Victoria Young under school. It's all in the show tonight. If you enjoyed listening to the manicure table creative conversations with me cherry snow and you want to hear from more creative than subscribe to the class and follow us on instagram at the manicure table. If you have any feedback or you just want to get in touch, you can contact me either on instagram at Cherry Snow. Or you can email manicure at cherry snow dot com. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for listening.